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Hello there ! disbauxES.upc.es is a non-profit website, in charge of discussing different matters concerning Open Source world, tools and techniques. As a matter of fact, this very web-site was born having a thought for the community, those people out there craving for open-source projects and, most important of all, GNU/Linux operating system.

We would like to thank the Applied Physics Department at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya,  for allowing us to host our website!

Applied Physics Department, UPC


Tots els continguts de la web es troben llicenciats sota la llicència de Creative Commons, sempre i quan no s’indiqui el contrari com és el cas d’alguns articles. Amb aquesta llicència es permet copiar, distribuir i comunicar públicament els continguts del nostre web, fer-ne obres derivades, sempre i quan es reconegui i citi l’autor original. cclarge-110x110

The Crew


Toni Castillo Girona holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, and an ongoing Master of Science in Computer Security. He is also a GNU Linux kernel and user space developer,working as a debugger and as a Systems Manager at the Applyed Physics Department, in UPC, Barcelona (Spain).
For many years he has been working as a Systems Manager or as a developer in different schools. At the same time, he’s writing articles for a Linux magazine titled “Todo Linux”, the US magazine “Admin Magazine” and lately for the UK magazine Linux User & Developer, where he is regularly writing about debugging, software security and GNU/Linux. He loves gdb, gcc, Debian, comic-books and Metal (Black, Gothic, Power and Symphonic) music.
He dreads doing office work, but he admits it’s a necessary evil !!!!

Have a look at my CV right here!.

If you are looking for my short stories, you can check this out, or even this too!

My favourite operating systems: Debian GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Plan 9.

My posts in ‘ere are these ones: http://disbauxes.upc.es/?author=4

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


I’ve got published! This is my first book, written purely in English. You can buy it on Amazon Website. I decided not to get any royalties from it, that’s because this is an amateur piece of work. But I would like you to buy it! That would be really nice from you. And, of course, I expect some feedback, whether this very feedback is  gonna be good or bad! I wrote a post HERE talking about this matter, just in case you would be interested in such dilemmas.

Fernando Verdugo Arias is working as a systems manager at Telecom BCN School in UPC, Barcelona (Spain), loves open source and in general all GNU/Linux distros especially Debian.


Josep Hornos Arias is a Linux (Debian) user working as a Systems Manager, Web programmer & designer at Spanish Philology Department in UAB.

What about hobbies? I love playing the guitar (but I’m afraid I’m not as good as I want to be), mountain-biking (someday I’ll return to do that), listening to any kind of Heavy Metal music (Power, Symphonic, Death…) and reading books.

Sometimes, I take advantage of my spare time doing photo edition using GIMP. Maybe I’ll write down all my knowledge about it… but I don’t know when.

That’s all folks! If you want to know more about me… I’m so sorry but I can’t help you!

disbauxES Manifesto

This is a summary of the values that we believe in:

  • Openness: We believe in open standards, open protocols and formats, and open source as a more efficient way of developing, operating and integrating software solutions.
  • Collaboration: We are open to any party that wants to collaborate with us.
  • Meritocracy: We believe we should gain people’s respect and recognition due to our work. We shall always make sure that everybody has access to our open resources on an equal basis and we will accept contributors based on the merit of their work and their skills.
  • Excellence: We put maximum effort, dedication and care in everything that we do.