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Transform your Hak5 Packet Squirrel into an automatic TOR annonymizer


I’ve been testing some Hak5 devices recently. I have to admit that they are all incredible, easy to use and well-designed. The Packet Squirrel is an incredible small MIPS device, based on OpenWRT, full of possibilities. Although its main goal is to perform advanced MitM attacks, it can be used […]

Una al Mes Mision 004: Write-Up


El cuarto reto de Una al Mes está dividido en 2 partes. Durante la primera parte debemos ser capaces de acceder a un servicio web sin conocer ninguna credencial. Una vez resuelta esta primera parte, podremos descargar un ejecutable Windows para X86_64 que nos devolverá la FLAG.

Primera parte: “esto […]

Labview 2015 NI Instrument Driver Finder complains about not being connected to the Internet


Whenever trying to use the “IDFinder” Labview 2015 facility on an old Windows XP computer, after a couple of seconds trying an error dialog message pops up saying: “NI Instrument Driver Finder has encountered problems connecting to the instrument driver network. Please verify that your computer is connected to the […]