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The libvirtd nightmare


Coming from outdated OpenVZ containers, one would surely think that migrating every one of those old containers to virtual machines with native and mainstream Linux Kernel KVM technology would be stable, easy to manage and absolutely not prone to corruption, kernel panics and the like.

Dream […]

UAM’s MARVEL CTF Episodio 2: WriteUp

Obtención del binario y del servidor

Descargamos y descomprimimos el archivo ZIP. Nos encontramos con un volcado de memoria que podemos analizar con Volatility. Listamos los procesos en ejecución y nos encontramos con un Netcat:

0xfffffa800685b860 nc64.exe 1940 2304 2 72 1 0 2018-12-20 15:47:56 UTC+0000

Para obtener el […]

Dolphin singleClick option not working in XFCE4


On an OpenSuse Leap GNU/Linux box, Dolphin’s singleClick option to open files and folders does not work if executing the file manager within an XFCE4 session. Instead, the user is forced to double-click every item to open it. Configuring the global KDE input settings does not help. Editing the ~./config/kdeglobals […]