Forticlient VPN on GNU/Linux: Blank screen


On a Debian GNU/Linux 11 Bullseye box, with the latest updates and with a working NVIDIA graphics card, the Forticlient GUI binary showed a blank-screen with no widgets in it:

The widget-rendering is not working

We did not have Forticlient source code, so we needed […]

Dolphin singleClick option not working in XFCE4


On an OpenSuse Leap GNU/Linux box, Dolphin’s singleClick option to open files and folders does not work if executing the file manager within an XFCE4 session. Instead, the user is forced to double-click every item to open it. Configuring the global KDE input settings does not help. Editing the ~./config/kdeglobals […]

Labview 2015 NI Instrument Driver Finder complains about not being connected to the Internet


Whenever trying to use the “IDFinder” Labview 2015 facility on an old Windows XP computer, after a couple of seconds trying an error dialog message pops up saying: “NI Instrument Driver Finder has encountered problems connecting to the instrument driver network. Please verify that your computer is connected to the […]