utf-8-py: a script that fixes ownCloud non-UTF8 filenames issues

The utf8.py script

Some months ago I had to face an annoying issue that affected the ownCloud client during the folder-synchronization process. As a result of that I wrote a trivial python script that helped me fix rename the non-UTF8 filenames using the UTF-8 encoding. Today I had to deal with […]

Compile that fancy old version on your newer GNU/Linux Distro!

The issue

So you have installed the latest GNU/Linux Debian release, i.e. Jessie, and all of a sudden you have to deal with the new Gedit, Evince, and the like with such awful GUI, right? Not anymore! It is always feasible to compile and run older versions on newer distros, and […]

RT4.4.0 BUG: FileAttachments not working in certain languages

The issue

RT4.4.0 allows the user to add a bunch of file attachments per ticket. This works just fine and out-of-the-box. However, when choosing a different language for a particular user, sometimes the area where the user is supposed to drop the files in does not show the proper message and […]