MODEST: Determining on which CPU a given process is being executed

Process’s afinity

Using schedutils, one can alter any process’s afinity by running a simple command: taskset. This way, it is feasible to change the GNU/Linux scheduler behaviour when it comes to running processes on a multi-core GNU/Linux box. For example, if we run any command directly, on a dual-core system, GNU/Linux […]

MODEST: Sharing “the peeping routine” between shared & static binaries


Previous versions of MODEST source code have two different routines so as to intercept all I/O calls using sys_write() and sys_writev() functions, respectively, depending on what type of binary was issuing those calls. Thus, it was quite obvious that we had to merge these two different mechanisms in order to […]

MODEST: Tested on a Real GNU/Linux box!

The “chosen one”

After a long development during these summer work-days, MODEST has been evolved sufficiently so as to be tested on a Real GNU/Linux box.

Thus, I chose a Debian Etch 4.0 installed on an Intel MacBook – first generation -, to execute the tests. This […]