MODEST: dynamic binaries defeated and some improvements added!!

The matter

As we know reading the first white-paper concerning MODEST project, our LKM was not able to capture the system calls requested by a dynamic linked binary. This awful issue was because of the fact that, in modern GNU/Linux Kernels, any System Call will be served through a call to […]

MODEST: adding some automation skills to the project!

There are some news concerning MODEST!

It’s been a long time, no doubt, since I added some news to MODEST Project. They were such hectic days, and I was really overloaded with a pile of jobs to be done and some exams to pass … but now, I’m on holidays! Finally! […]

MODEST: avoiding SEGFAULTS during FDT altered state and the eXCHG command

The issue

As long as a certain process p with its FDT altered closes a file previously redirected via kmodest, in the “do_restore_task()” function the module crashes, generating a SEGFAULT error, causing the process to crash, also.

The cause

It was a trivial error but with an important awful […]