Using gdb to solve yet more software-related problems

The issue

Opening a Microsoft Excel 2007+ spreadsheet in Libre Office Calc Build ID: 350m1(Build:2) on a Debian Wheezy 64 bit fires a segmentation fault. The document contains three spreadsheets with some formulas and links between them.:

[936028.103160] soffice.bin[3495]: segfault at 200030000 ip 0000000200030000 sp 00007fffff42baa8 […]

Defeating GHOST on old glibc implementations

The problem

So GHOST is here. It is certainly a critical vulnerability that, on some old GNU/Linux distros, simply does not have any available patch to fix it. Of course it is always a very bad idea to keep old systems running with no available patches, but it is equally true […]

When backporting is easier than debugging …

An old lesstif2 bug comes back…

Here it is: one more time, that awful “Attempt to copy to an unlocked clipboard!” error message whenever using the nedit text editor on a Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze 64 bit distro. How awful!

It has been long since this first issue […]