Defeating GHOST on old glibc implementations

The problem

So GHOST is here. It is certainly a critical vulnerability that, on some old GNU/Linux distros, simply does not have any available patch to fix it. Of course it is always a very bad idea to keep old systems running with no available patches, but it is equally true […]

When backporting is easier than debugging …

An old lesstif2 bug comes back…

Here it is: one more time, that awful “Attempt to copy to an unlocked clipboard!” error message whenever using the nedit text editor on a Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze 64 bit distro. How awful!

It has been long since this first issue […]

GNU/Linux LKMS, The Art Of Adapting old-code 1/3: Understanding Kernel OOPS messages

Why adapting old-code is so important

This post will be the first one in a series of three dealing with old LKM code drivers, and the techniques, tools and different approaches we can use in order to adapt them so that they can be used on modern GNU/Linux kernels. Far from […]