Transform your Hak5 Packet Squirrel into an automatic TOR annonymizer


I’ve been testing some Hak5 devices recently. I have to admit that they are all incredible, easy to use and well-designed. The Packet Squirrel is an incredible small MIPS device, based on OpenWRT, full of possibilities. Although its main goal is to perform advanced MitM attacks, it can be used […]

Ultrasonic Cleaning


Clearly, there must be some sort of little revolution in here when it comes to cleaning fans techniques. Why? Well, as a matter of fact, people had cleaned fans either using a cleaning cloth or using compressed air. But we’ve got a new method! Below, we will discuss our innovative approach. Let’s […]

Fixing a broken IDE disk pin off

The problem

Recently, we had a problem concerning an IDE hard-disk, which seemed at the time totally non-operational. Soon we found out where the issue was: an IDE pin connector was broken off, so there was no electrical connection between this very hard disk and the disk controller. But the hard disk by itself seemed […]