My book has just come out :-)

It’s done! I got published, finally ! 😉

My book is available on Amazon’s website:

So, my publisher has indeed taken its part on our previous deal. It is really amazing, bear in mind this is an amateur piece of work, but […]

I’ll get published: about my three short stories and JustFiction! Edition publisher

There are certain things I’m obsessed with: death, loneliness and romance. I prefer to read novels related to those subjects, though from time to time I content myself by reading fantasy and horror books – as those ones written by Brandon Sanderson, Shirley Jackson, Henry James, Stephen King, … -. I’ve […]

Travelling all along the UK ( Part III ): Getting packed!

Liverpool on the WaterFront

Let’s say I’m about to get packed and go home, so it is a perfect moment for writing my impressions down in this last post from abroad. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll be home by tomorrow, after spending 25 days in the United Kingdom. Don’t get me […]