Mini Deb Conf Paris 2k10: I’ve been there!

A summarized report about what happened during this exciting weekend in Paris, France.

Hi there ! It’s been such an interesting and amazing weekend here. Firstly, I’ve attended the first Mini Debian Conference in Paris, during this weekend – October the 30th and 31st -. Apart from being my first Debian Conference I […]

Prague … it means such a downpour!!!

Hi there!

I’m still posting, yeah! That means I’m still alive, despite the fact it was such a terrible experience to be flying for, let’s see … the third time! Yes, it is so: now I’m in Prague and although it had to be sunny and hot, it’s been cold and rainy. And […]

I’m still alive….

Hi there !!!

I know what I’ve just said in my last post: it sounded tragic, dramatic, sad, hopeless … that was because I went to that Pub Quiz and I was totally lost in translation. But just before attending such an event, and after doing so, my English skills continue […]