Programming for Kids: BennuGD ASCII-editor

The BennuGD ASCII Editor becomes real!

I am quite hectic during these days, so I don’t have the time to do all the tasks my Programming for Kids project does deserve. It is a shame. However, and somehow, I did manage to do some developing stuff, and now my BennuGD ASCII […]

BennuGD parser BUG detecting C-like escaping sequences

The issue

People used to developing in C or C++ are quite familiar with escaping some characters when defining arrays of some sort. For example, let’s show a trivial code snippet in order to define some valid chars and put them all inside an initialized array of chars:

char _valid[] = […]

BennuGD: adding the actual fpg_del() routine

I’m still adding functionalities to the BennuGD language …

This morning I’ve just implemented the actual fpg_del() routine inside BennuGD mainstream. According to these mismatch sources, fpg_del() was, in fact, a clone for the unload_fpg() function. Thus, there was no method of deleting a map (graph) file inside a FPG file […]