Programming for Kids: a trivial Explosion sample using graphics_in_fpg() addition

The old way of doing so

In case we store different FPG files for our game project, each of them focussed on one concrete goal, we do need something like the graphics_in_fpg() function. In the early years, when using DIV language, the only way to reproduce the effect of an explosion […]

Extending BennuGD by adding a dynamic-memory allocation table to use the Sprites Generator

The problem

BennuGD has no way of knowing the total number of graphs stored inside a loaded FPG file. That means the only way to do that is by knowing, before using it in the code, this total amount of graph files and, therefore, hard-coding it using kinda sort of global […]

Programming for Kids: putting the Sprites Generator at work!

Now that the Sprites Generator is working, I tried to do something using it. The results are extremely buggiest, and totally experimental, but it is certainly the obvious demonstration it is usable. There, a screen-shot showing a character capable of running and jumping:

Using the Sprites Generator from DIV2 on BennuGD […]