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Script for NUMA systems


On modern NUMA systems, it’s always a good thing to know the total number of physical processors (nodes), the total number of real cores per processor, and if HT is enabled, the total number of virtual cores per processor (which is, of course, twice the number of real cores per […]

Compile that fancy old version on your newer GNU/Linux Distro!

The issue

So you have installed the latest GNU/Linux Debian release, i.e. Jessie, and all of a sudden you have to deal with the new Gedit, Evince, and the like with such awful GUI, right? Not anymore! It is always feasible to compile and run older versions on newer distros, and […]

Using gdb to solve yet more software-related problems

The issue

Opening a Microsoft Excel 2007+ spreadsheet in Libre Office Calc Build ID: 350m1(Build:2) on a Debian Wheezy 64 bit fires a segmentation fault. The document contains three spreadsheets with some formulas and links between them.:

[936028.103160] soffice.bin[3495]: segfault at 200030000 ip 0000000200030000 sp 00007fffff42baa8 […]