The libvirtd nightmare


Coming from outdated OpenVZ containers, one would surely think that migrating every one of those old containers to virtual machines with native and mainstream Linux Kernel KVM technology would be stable, easy to manage and absolutely not prone to corruption, kernel panics and the like.

Dream […]

Script for NUMA systems


On modern NUMA systems, it’s always a good thing to know the total number of physical processors (nodes), the total number of real cores per processor, and if HT is enabled, the total number of virtual cores per processor (which is, of course, twice the number of real cores per […]

Compile that fancy old version on your newer GNU/Linux Distro!

The issue

So you have installed the latest GNU/Linux Debian release, i.e. Jessie, and all of a sudden you have to deal with the new Gedit, Evince, and the like with such awful GUI, right? Not anymore! It is always feasible to compile and run older versions on newer distros, and […]