Using NetworkManager at boot time

The issue

In nowadays GNU/Linux distributions, it is common to use Network Manager in order to set up network connections in an easy way. This tool can be configured using the nm-applet, a graphical user utility whose integration with GNOME and KDE desktops is complete. However, it seems the only way to be connected to some of these configured network connections is after logging in, which means we don’t have network connection at boot time.

Activating a certain network connection at boot time

The solution is really simple. First of all, we can use nm-applet to set up a new wired, wireless or whatever network connection the usual way. After doing so, all we have to do is to be sure the option “Available to All Users” is checked, as shown in the next screen-shot.

Setting up a wired network connection at boot time

Now, we can just reboot the computer and, as soon as it is booted up, we’ll be connected using that network connection settings, without logging in.