Fixing a broken IDE disk pin off

The problem

Recently, we had a problem concerning an IDE hard-disk, which seemed at the time totally non-operational. Soon we found out where the issue was: an IDE pin connector was broken off, so there was no electrical connection between this very hard disk and the disk controller. But the hard disk by itself seemed perfectly functional.

Fixing it

The solution was trivial: all we needed to do was to detach the hard disk board from the disk and repair the broken IDE pin by soldering it carefully. To conclude, we used an adhesive gun so as to add adhesive to this very area, keeping it safe.

Right after doing this, we placed the hard disk back inside the computer, connected it to the disk controller and it proved to work properly.

A different way to achieve this

There’s another inventive way to repair such a pin. Take a look at this website:

Translated into English by Toni Castillo