Ultrasonic Cleaning


Clearly, there must be some sort of little revolution in here when it comes to cleaning fans techniques. Why? Well, as a matter of fact, people had cleaned fans either using a cleaning cloth or  using compressed air. But we’ve got a new method! Below, we will discuss our innovative approach. Let’s go!

Liquid solution is the best solution

That’s what we had got and what we had to clean up:  Ultrasonic Cleaner HANDSTAR 3050.

First and foremost, the basic idea was to choose rightly the best liquid solution to clean the fan. By “liquid solution” we mean precisely what we meant: some sort of liquid compendium so as to accomplish our task in the best way possible and in the cheapest way possible, too! Surely you all know there are a myriad of professional solutions out there, right in the market, so as to clean fans thanks to the classic approach of ultrasonic techniques. But we are aficionados, so the only way to accomplish such a task was, of course, from an amateur point of view.

In order to do so, we decided to prepare a cocktail, made of the perfect measures of some different liquids. This was gonna be our first liquid solution for our very first test, indeed.

The recipe

Get some piece of paper and start writing down our recipe, hurry up!:

  • KH7 degreaser,
  • Detergent,
  • pH neutral soil,
  • Multiclean liquid,
  • and 1 liter of deionized water.
  • Methanol 95%.

Jackpot! We really had all that stuff at home. In case you don’t have such a compendium of ingredients, don’t be upset: all of them are quite easy to be found in any neighbour supermarket. Before starting the whole process of cleaning our fan up, you must know we used Methanol so that we could eliminate all cleaning liquid and oxidation residues. As you can figure out, all we had to do was to think hard, really hard (HO-HO-HO) and try use our common sense.

Well, you see the scientific basis of the whole process, common sense. You know what they say: it’s the least common of all  the senses!. This time, alas, they were all totally wrong, certainly!

The proofs

Below, a complete set of do-it-yourself pictures, demonstrating the whole silly process:

Take a look at the fifth picture so as to figure out how  the fluid is before and after using it. The last process is to lubricate the fan so as to recover its usual look-and-feel ;-).