I’m still alive….

Hi there !!!

I know what I’ve just said in my last post: it sounded tragic, dramatic, sad, hopeless  … that was because I went to that Pub Quiz and I was totally lost in translation. But just before attending such an event, and after doing so, my English skills continue working in a fluent way! So now, I’m in such a great spirits and I know I’m gonna try to keep in touch with English people.

This second post being in West Kirby is more possitve, I guess. I had fun, I could do a lot of interesting things and the best is yet to come: today I’m gonna have tea with a couple and Isa, so there will be four people having tea and taling english in a calm manner, which is absolutelty preferable as opossite to that horrible Pub Quiz experience I told ya.

Tomorrow evening Julie, Isa and me are going to attend a speech concerning philosophy, war, Picasso, by the Tate, in Livepool. It’s a fare of 4 pounds, pretty affordable when it comes to the UK, don’t ya think?

Well, I’m eager to be posting more and more messages concerning that trip of mine in the UK. It is quite annoying the only way to use Internet is going to the library, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Unluckily, I’m not allowed to use my own laptop, so that;s why I;m being quite careful when it comes to using my login and password.

See ya so soon,