It’s been kinda sort of nightmare…..

Hi there!

According to my English teacher,  I’m gonna continue keeping you all posted about my experiences in a foreign country. First of all, you have to know the first time I tried to talk to the locals, I got confused: confused because of their accent: confused because of how they look: quite different from me. Despite the fact I can express myself more or less in some concrete or standard situations, it is kinda different when it comes to dealing with unknown moments: like a Pub Quiz, for example. There, you have such a point: I don’t have the English so as to be totally fluent, not to mention the fact I can barely understand what those people around me are saying amidst all that awful noise of beers, screams, whatever. Kinda impossible to me. Yet I know my English knowledge has to be improved, and the only way  to do that is to go try to talk to someone. But when you are in a class, and there is oinly you and your teacher, who you were talking to for what could be considered as an entire life, then, it is easier. Easy as pie. Or even when you are trying to express yourself through an email, or a post like this one. Ah, it is obvious my english is not that good, and so I gotta admit to you all I was pretty sure it would be more or less like a nightmare.

I hope I could survive the days which have yet to come.

I guess it is being stressful.