My book has just come out :-)

It’s done! I got published, finally ! 😉

My book is available on Amazon’s website:

So, my publisher has indeed taken its part on our previous deal. It is really amazing, bear in mind this is an amateur piece of work, but printed out and with covers! A paperback edition, a bit expensive (10 pounds for just less than sixty pages), but well, all things considered, I guess it is quite common: this is not going to be a best seller!

My publisher sent me a free-of-charge copy of the book, as agreed. So I have my own book on my hands, my first ISBN! Unluckily, it appeared there are some small typos within the text. That’s probably because either I missed them when I made my corrections, or they did, which is, I have to say, quite awful: we’re talking about a publisher here, for God’s sake! But, okay, let’s put it this way: as I told you already on a previous post, this sort of publisher is not like, well, you know …

So, now what?

I’m writing, I always am. Now, my next short story is called “The Back Alley”. I guess I’ll have to improve even further, not only my English skills, but my story-telling techniques as well. I want to thank all my friends, family and relatives for reading my short stories, sending me some feedback I could work with, and for, of course! buying my book on Amazon. It’s amazing what’s going on. Particularly, I wanna thank Esther, Pilar, Mercè, Isa, Ramón, Jordi, (the other Jordi ;-)), Ida, Kees, Jos,  The Hole In The Wall staff in Stamford, UK, and a few more names. If I write about sad things it’s because I can discharge myself from all the sadness and put it on paper, thus living content and happy every single day in my life.

Hugs & Kisses