Prague … it means such a downpour!!!

Hi there!

I’m still posting, yeah! That means I’m still alive, despite the fact it was such a terrible experience to be flying for, let’s see … the third time! Yes, it is so: now I’m in Prague and although it had to be sunny and hot, it’s been cold and rainy. And even windy, sometimes. But it does not matter, because we’ve got plenty of beer ‘ere so as to get warm…and the Hotel seems pretty comfortable too, so, well, I guess there’s nothing to complain about but this crazy weather of Prague … The first day we arrived ‘ere there was such a downpour, we got piss wet and our neighborhood seems more or less like a demilitarized zone, but it does not seem a mean quarter … or at least we hope so!

We are playing the perfect role of being the perfect tourists. Sometimes it is really awful and I am not feeling quite comfortable doing so. I prefer to be acting more or less like a local, I mean: not to be in the same overcrowded places as, so as to speak, the rest of the tourists who have got ‘ere, in Prague, during these summer days.

Talking to the locals ‘ere is difficult if they cannot speak English, which is, I gotta admit, quite common if you are getting out of the city center. But, if you are standing inside it, you can communicate with ’em perfectly, because their accent is that affordable, thus there is no problems at all of understanding.

Beer ‘ere is amazing, but it has such a lack: no doubt Guinness is more of my likings. But, well, despite the fact there is no Guinness ‘ere, I foresee I’m going to survive … 😉

This post is about to be finished, but just before doing so I’ve got something very important to tell you: ‘ere, and because of this awful weather, you can rent … umbrellas! I know it sounds weird, but that’s the way it is: if you want, you can borrow one marvelous umbrella paying 250KC per one hour … as one tourist said to the receptionist: D’ya know what? Maybe later … How the hell could someone do something like that? It is really outrageous!  Renting umbrellas …

Ah, if you are having , say, breakfast, there’s something really annoying the first time you are ‘ere not being aware of that: it is as if they were trying to get you out of wherever you are having that breakfast … because as soon as you finish one meal, they hurry up to take that dish or plate from you, to take it away, and it is the same when it comes to the glasses, knives, forks, spoons … But it is the way they are used to, so as soon as you realize that, it is okay.

I’ll try to add more posts so soon…

See ya,