[tonic@s’s journal]: The proceedings

What’s this all about?

Hi there !

It’s been such a long time since I tried to keep a journal. I can barely remember doing – or at least trying to do – so, but surely I did. So now, a little bit aged ;-), my English teacher told me about keeping an English journal describing my experiences, thoughts and whatever I like to leave impress on … say,  a sheet of paper? about being abroad. Of course, English had to be the language to use, it seems offensively obvious, doesn’t it?

Well, bearing this in mind, I decided to start adding this section to our blog, this way I would be able to add some sort of different posts concerning my trips, indeed. As soon as I set foot on whichever-foreign-country I’m going to go,  I’ll start to explain my experiences and feelings. It could be kinda weird, but I guess it is the perfect way to be in touch with English language, and at the same time some kinda sort of therapy, don’t ya think? 😉

Then, I’m supposed to be posting a lot …

Yeah! That’s for certain. But surely not right now. I hope the other crowmembers of Disbauxes.upc.es are not going to be rude, so I can be posting no matter whether this blog is about GNU/Linux or not… !!! D’ya guys copy? 😉

Is there any location piling up all these posts-to-be concerning my trips?

Positive! There U go: