Travelling all along the UK ( Part III ): Getting packed!

Liverpool on the WaterFront

Let’s say I’m about to get packed and go home, so it is a perfect moment for writing my impressions down in this last post from abroad. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll be home by tomorrow, after spending 25 days in the United Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong: I have to confess that after talking – and being spoken – in English after such a long time, I’m willing to be surrounded by people talking my L1, that is, Catalan. But before that happens, I can tell a bit more about my experiences here, during my long stay in West Kirby, Liverpool. It came to happen there was such an important annual celebration in the Liverpool Waterfront, with music and grand openings. For starters, the new Liverpool Museum opened a few days ago, so I could pay it a brief visit. I say brief because it was awfully overcrowded. Yesterday night I attended a concert, performed by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra played some songs from the Beatles, though from time to time they performed more philharmonic ones. Anyway, it was an incredible concert despite the wind and the cold – it was bloody cold and windy -.

After the concert, there was an amazing performance of light and 3D effects over the Liver building surface, something really majestic to witness. I had to hurry up to the Lime Street station instead of catching the train in James Street, because it was literally impossible to get into the train platform because of the huge amount of people gathering right there. The English from Liverpool and its surroundings are quite different from the ones you can find in London: they chatted with me for a while on my way back to West Kirby. The mayor of Liverpool was there, obviously, and from time to time he was speaking to us – among other things, he tried to make us buy the Liverpool Orchestra CDs -. He said to us that the last song would be “Hey, Jude!”, and it was, indeed. Because most of the people gathered at the water front were yielding: “More! More! More!”, finally the orchestra performed three Beatles themes in a row: C’mon people, Yellow Submarine and, once again, Hey Jude!. It was impressive to mangle with all those people whilst they were singing “We are all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.” It was, to an extend, magic.

Today I’ve been walking all along the Wirral Way, having a picnic by the cliffs and now I’m preparing myself for coming back home. I think it is about time, so tomorrow I’ll get another train – from West Kirby to Liverpool Lime Street Station -, and from there I’ll catch a bus, which will leave me right in the airport.

This is all, I think. Next post will be something related to my job, I would say. So, it is time to start doing something technical, don’t you think? 🙂