Manage a server via the serial port (with cereal)

Administration cereal sessions: /usr/sbin/cereal-admin

cereal-admin help
Usage: cereal-admin <subcommand> [options] [args]
Cereal session management program.
  create (c) SESSION TTY BAUD USER LOGGROUP    create cereal session
  start (s) [options] SESSION [SESSION]...     start cereal session(s)
    -a (--all)                                   start all sessions
  restart (r) [options] SESSION [SESSION]...   restart cereal session(s)
    -a (--all)                                   restart all sessions
    -r (--running)                               restart only running sessions
  stop (k) [options] SESSION [SESSION]...      stop cereal session(s)
    -a (--all)                                   stop all sessions
  destroy (d) [options] SESSION [SESSION]...   destroy cereal session(s)
    -a (--all)                                   destroy all sessions
  list (l) [options] [SESSION]...              list session(s)
    -n (--names)                                 list just session names
  help (h,?)                                   this help

Create a cereal session

cereal-admin create acme /dev/ttyS0 115200 user user
Created session 'acme':
--f acme /dev/ttyS0 115200 user user
Service cereal.acme added.
cereal-admin start acme
Session tty device appears to be locked.

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