Scraps of mind

Welcome to my mind … are you sure you do want to come in?

You could know me, or not. In fact, that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is: Hey, look at me! Who am I? Could I be a developer and a debugger, or could I be something more? Is that possible? To be something different, I mean. Ah, there’s no one whose knowledge could explain this to me in a simple way. Positive, fuckin’ positive about that, If I may say so.

All I know about myself is that I really don’t know anything about me. I love reading and this could be the only explanation so as to find out why I spend a lot of my whole life making up stories. A short ones. The best part of ’em written down in Spanish, ‘course, ’cause I’m Spanish after all! But, lately, I’ve written a short story directly in English … just an experiment related to my English classes at the University this year.

I think – or at least I thought -, this could be the perfect place to publish my short stories. Dedicated to all of you, no matter if you like ’em or you hate ’em, finally. They’re all just what they all seem: scraps of mind, pieces of mind, thoughts, remembrances, memories, made up. Here you have them. And thanks for reading ’em. Whatever they seem to you, thanks.

The short stories

My first book, published by JustFiction! Edition, can be bought on Amazon website: RIGHT HERE!

One Page Long Compilation Project

My second English teacher told me that it would be such a good idea to write short stories that last just one page. As soon as I could gather twenty or thirty short stories, my idea is to compile them all in a new PDF document entitled “One Page Long”. In the meantime, you can download and read them here:

Please, have a look HERE to find out more about my three short stories and JustFiction! Edition publisher.

The papers

I wrote some articles, too. One of them has been published on the JPL website, concerning my project well-known as MODEST. Another one was published on Todo Linux Magazine, issue #91. I’m referenced here as well:



Herewith, I enclosed my CV written in LaTeX. You can have a quick look at it – I said a quick look ’cause there’s no much to look at 😉 –

About me as a “writer”

It's me!

I started making up stories early, when I was 7 years old. I know some of them are saved somewhere, but I can barely remember exactly where they are, in fact. So, I don’t remember much about those days belonging to the past, but I know I wrote all of them using a simple pen and a simple notebook. I supose I started writing at the very same time I started reading books, novels principally.

The first approach to a serious piece of work could be considered my poem “The Dead’s Poem”. It was the first time I earned a prize for something I had written. I was 8 years old. The best part of all my short stories are gone, but recently I’ve started to write down more tales. And in English, also! I beg your pardon for all my awful grammar mistakes, of course. I’m studying English for only one year, and I’m not so confident using it in real world, yet.

There’s nothing more to say, I think. Just enjoy my tales, or burn ’em to the ashes, I don’t care. That’s why they were all written, some time ago.

But, come to that, there’s something I’d like to know: your opinion! Please, tell me whatever you feel about ’em, only if you want to! Here you have my email address: toni.castillo AT

About me as a developer & debugger

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