What this page is about

Our BLOG is full of long analysis concerning BUGS and the sort. Whenever a BUG has been solved, and its technical discussion well exposed, a PATCH is always provided. Generally speaking, one can just browse our BLOG by means of searching any particular software and then download its associated patch, if needed. However, at some point, that could be a bit annoying if you do know what exactly you are looking for: just a particular patch or sources. Therefore, I decided to create this page: to provide all the patches, sources and binaries of my previous long-discussed BUGS on one same spot.

Bear in mind that, whenever feasible, the complete sources are provided. Whenever not, a patch file is. Sometimes, however, due to the idiosyncrasy of the BUG itself, there is no sources at all. On those cases, that are the smallest ones, a full patched binary is instead produced. For every single patch, altered sources or hacked binary, its original URL is also available, just to download the original – albeit buggy – piece of software.

The repository

Below, you will find all the patches, sources and hacked binaries I’ve been debugging for the latest 5 years of existence ;-). Enjoy. Please, if you need some piece of code to be analysed, don’t hesitate and contact us at <>; we will be pleased to help you and increase this repository of patched software! It is also remarkable to notice that not every BUG analysis conducted on my BLOG has an associated patch, or altered sources. That is merely a question of being a bit lazy at the time I wrote the post. So I am now in the process of creating and uploading all these patches so that they can be located and easily downloaded from this repository.

Patches not yet released, but on their way …